Established Since 1986

Rotosure Measuring Wheel was founded in 1986 by Mr. Ronald Risi, whom at the time was successful in manufacturing a wide range of plastic wheels, for a number of applications such as toys, trolleys, carts, prams, BBQ’s to name a few, and it was from this success that inspired the challenge to re invent the trundle wheel “Measuring Wheel”.


It was at this point Rotosure “Rotary Measure” was born


Innovation that Revolutionized the Measuring Wheel

Rotosure started off with its first model comprising of a simple wheel and counter attached to a fork and handle. From this point several major features where added to the next model being the Rotosure 12" such as the Pistol Grip, Trigger Brake, Fold in half Knuckle, Carry Handel, Kick down Side Stand, Inline Balanced Movment,and most important of all, a precisely machined wheel that runs on ground steel roller bearings. It was these practical features that revolutionized the measuring wheel, and have been copied by most of our competitor today.


Design Award

Rotosure Measuring Wheel is the market leader when it comes to their innovative and practical designs. From the start, Rotosure has constantly strived for perfection, in their concepts as well as their appealing designs, without sparing quality. Due to this approach, Rotosure has been awarded on a number of occasions for it efforts and the contributions they have made to the Measuring Wheel industry.


Rotosure 12"

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the Rotosure 12" made its impression amongst users within in the South African market, and become their measuring wheel of choice. This success started to create interest from Rotosure’s first global partners in countries such as the United Kingdom and New Zealand.


Continues advancements and Improvement

Rotosure has always valued criticism, from its customers and partners, and it is due to this, that we are continually refining or re inventing the product, making it into what it has become today.


Launch of the Rotosure 6"

Rotosure found the need to meet the requirements of a smaller version of the Rotosure 12", and so they introduced the Rotosure 6". It was here again that Rotosure revolutionized the measuring wheel with their innovative and practical designs.


Rotosure 2"

Targeted towards the DIY market, sees the launch of the Rotosure 2" measuring wheel, convenient enough to fit in a brief case, ideal for quick referencing on hard smooth surfaces.


Launch of the Rotosure 12" PRO

Rotosure continued to push the envelope with the introduction of the 12" PRO. With it robust and construction and practical features such as Pristol Grip Rest, proving to be one of the Best Measuring Wheel in the World


Launch of the Rotosure 12" & 6" Digital

Recently we have spent substantial time and effort on the development of our new DC01 digital counter, which we have launched in the 12" and 6" Models.




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