Purpose built measuring solutions.  Superior Quality, 100% Back up & Service. Best engineering, over 30 years Experience,

Wire, cable, tubing packaging solutions for all industry types. Stock or custom made Spool or Cable Drum

Macadamia Seedling Trays and Grafting Cups complying with SAMAC requirements

Engineered Nylon & Glass Polymer Bearing Heads & Accessories for Mining Idler and Conveyors Systems

Plastic Wheels, Caster Wheels and Accessories

Plastic Cutlery and Eatware, washable and reusable

Sports Cones, Push Toys and educational products, to help in fun and developmental play.

Roller Hockey, Basketball, great surface for professional to recreational sports.

Decorative Steel replacements for fences, gates and security barriers.

about us

45 years of manufacturing excellence with quality at it's best!

Founded in 1976

Boasting a state of the art facility ,based in South Africa, producing products that are Proudly used Globally across more than 60 countries